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Photography always fascinated me, the joy of being able to creatively capture things, people, and nature. Having formally learned Photography from Drishti school of photography, Bangalore, I began experimenting with different genres, found my calling in photographing kids and making memorabilia out of the many magical moments of their growth.


I realized all the more when my son was born and felt the need to capture all the milestones of growth and freeze them in time to be cherished forever. Those special moments of your newborn sure deserve to be captured and preserved. The special bonding moments of your family captured absolutely bring back smiles long after the kids have grown.

It gives me immense joy to capture your loving moment. Allow me to make memorable frames from your magical moments.

I also have a lot of affinity towards capturing nature in different forms, making them into frames that can bring about peace; it makes me wonder at the creation and appreciate it in its completeness. And i have been professionally photographing kinds, infants, families and school portraits for over a decade under the banner strawberry pictures with a partner. Today, I stand venturing on my own platform.


My Vision to Capture is Real - To being able to make wonderful memories for families to cherish forever, being able to visually bring a new perspective of the nature around us.

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