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15 Photography Tips To Improve Your Photo| Madhu Photography

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Photography is the need and wants in current times. It’s a fascinating and fun process, right from capturing the perfect moment to cherishing it for a lifetime. Previously, there was a time when you had to wait hours in line for a dark room and camera to click your photo. Now, every single person can click any image anywhere, anytime.

15 Photography Tips To Improve Your Photo

Advanced mobile cameras have made this job so easy that not every photographer is a DSLR owner nowadays. We all can agree that there is not just one, but many other aspects to be kept in mind while photographing. Yes, the lighting, background, and technical concerns are noted, but there is always something more to discover. Below are the 15 most needed photography tips that will help you improve your photography.

15 Photography Tips To Improve Your Photo

Photography does not always have to be for professional purposes. Photography tips are applied to everyone who does photography for fun and their purchase or the people who do it professionally. Let us have a look at the most critical 15 photography tips that can gratify your photography-

Use the camera you own

Many people here want to hear about upgrading their cameras to DSLR but also don’t want to. A good camera does not give good pictures. Learn to master your photography in whichever camera you have. Anyone can click good photos on a good camera. But what is fascinating is getting your image quality with the camera you already own.

Keep lighting as your primary object.

When we talk about improving your photography, lighting is the most underrated aspect of it. The light and its angle directly connect to the subject unified in your photo. Think about whether it matches or does not matches your topic. The light in your image always speaks out. Gentle light is for soft emotions; harsh light gives extreme emotions.

Learn to underexpose shadows.

Talking technically, whenever you choose underexposing shadows and overexposed highlights, go for lighting dark shadows. Then, base your entire exposure around the highlights. This makes your picture perfect. However, bright objects like the sun do not need any of these. But when it comes to other things, be careful while doing so.

Put thoughts in your image.

Yes, this may sound a little imaginary but putting thoughts and emotions in your photo always helps. Technical aspects are needed, but creative elements are essential as well. Take time, wait for the perfect moment to capture your photo. Let your image speak on behalf of your mind when people see it.

Using tripod

If you are looking for professionalism in your photos, a tripod is what you need. If you have a still subject, then using a tripod will give you the best shots. It is not only about the image quality, but using a tripod will make you take your own time and put those thoughts into your picture, as explained in the above point.

Flash techniques

It is a natural tendency to use flash in the dark. But on the contradictory, using flash on bright images will help you get rid of shadows and give you more perfection. The inbuilt flash technology in your photography device known as ‘fill flash’ is best for macro photography and outdoor portrait photography.

Look around

Whenever you are into some beautiful scene, our eye and all attention get stuck there. So one of the most valuable tips is always looking around your subject, i.e., in all directions. You may miss something more beautiful behind you when you are entirely focused on one spot. This usually happens in landscape photography.

Use transitions in your photography.

Always try to capture your subject moving. What looks more unique to you; a regular glimpse of two rivers or the moment when one river merges into another? Photography is all about the story. Be it landscape photography or any neutral photography. Keep in mind that your photography depicts what you see.

Keep your front lens clean.

It is fundamental yet bizarre how the photographers keep their front lens on the camera dirtiest as possible unknowingly. It obviously gives you a low-quality image. Using a UV filter is not that mandatory. However, you use one if you are trying to cover your lens in some inappropriate weather.

Move your camera

The first thing that many photographers do is setting up the tripod or the camera when they reach the sight. What if we do it another way round? Move your camera from top to bottom, left to right. Explore different angles, and I assure you that you will get more beautiful pictures. Once you get your hook, then set the tripod according to it.

Edit your photos

Taking photos is not enough. It would be best if you gave an after effect to it too. Editing your photos provides the viewer with your idea and emotions behind capturing your image. However, it is recommended to keep your photos subtle and not too tacky that will destroy their essence and originality. ‘Save As’ rather than saving your image to restore it in the future.

Organize and back up your photos

It is vital to store your photos with a good system. You don’t own your photos. Your chaos holds them. Back up your photos in such an efficient way that you can find any image from thousands of pictures within a second. This sorting can make an amateur photographer into a professional photographer.

Avoid working on your weak point.

Every photographer has their weak points. So instead of finding alternatives for something incorrect, find what makes it inaccurate. You will never succeed if you keep running around your weak point. It will just give you ideas of overlapping your mistakes instead of correcting them. Rather, spend that time on something that will provide more knowledge.

Go through your old photos.

Many times, we don’t notice what we already own and keeping running behind something new. For example, a picture you dumped previously due to technical or creative lack may look impressive now. People learn through their mistakes, and therefore every photographer can learn from their previous photos, which they ignored at some point.

Practice till end

Last but not least, practice till the end. Keep practicing the things you know, and you don’t. This is the ultimate tip that will make you upgraded not just in photography but in any other aspect of your life. Keeping all the above information in mind is helpful only if you be consistent enough in practicing it thoroughly.

Photography Tips

Thus, we understand that photography is complicated by the above tips and information and a beautiful process. The more you spend time with it, the more you explore. Keep on experimenting with the camera. It’s not just about the quality but also the quantity.

Henri Cartier-Bresson’s quote, “Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst,” is a bit exaggerated but also inspiring at times. In short, the more attention and rhythm you give to photography, the more accessible and exciting it becomes. The ultimate hack is to transfer your mind thoughts into an image that will speak out to the viewers.

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