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How often should you photograph

If you ask photographers around the world about their techniques on how to take great photos, they all will unanimously support one answer and that is "Practise, Practise and Practise. Well of course the first thing any photographer should do is to learn the art and useful information about photography and the camera. But you can read long and lengthy paragraphs on how to take great photos or how to master photography and accumulate as much information as you can but you still won't be able to know the hang of it completely. Theoretical and practical knowledge are two completely different things.

Now the question is how often should you do photography. Well, the answer to this question is as much as you can.

As much as you can

First things first. If you are waiting for special occasions or festivals to learn photography, then you have completely lost track. Do not wait for special days to practice your photography. You just have to take your camera with you and you are ready. Even if you go for a walk or a stroll with your dog. If none, you can try clicking photos at your place of your children, garden or stills.

Some people learn fast and some don't. In which case you need to manually practice almost continuously to learn how to master that camera in your hand.

Practice on things you can't miss


For manual practice, you can try to learn photography on your kids if any. With this, you will not be afraid of missing any important moments like their first smile or walk. Children are great subjects for photography. You can observe them and capture wonderful moments with them.

If you are not a parent then we suggest you take photos of your surroundings. Things that you are close by so that you can observe any progress.

Inanimate objects! Oh yes

It doesn't matter if you have no living object to photograph. Start learning on inanimate objects. They make a great muse for an aspirational photographer.

Things like plants, food, objects etc can be very interesting if looked close enough. Most times your children are not really in the mood and cooperative about your artistry. In which case this is the best option to go forward with. You can also learn portrait photography with inanimate objects like dolls, flowers etc.

Take your friend (camera) everywhere with you

This is a very important aspect of learning photography. Don't be shy to take your camera with you. You never know when you get the perfect opportunity. Like sitting at a breakfast table and clicking food pictures.

Don't wait for any special day or event to take out that camera. Make sure that you take photographers while trekking, wandering or shopping even. Try to capture the essence of your city in every detail.

Summing up

Last but not least if you are finding it difficult to get that perfect opportunity outside of your home or if you are a busy bee then you can try these options.

  • Capture the kids playing in the backyard.

  • Clicking photos of your kids or family while chatting or eating.

  • When kids are watching television. They don't lose focus during that time much.

  • When they are having a bath

Lastly, we would like to conclude this blog by saying that you have to make photography a part of your lifestyle. That is the perfect answer to the question of how often you should photograph. Only in that way, you would be able to learn the nuances of photography. By inculcating these small details in your daily life you would notice a huge leap of difference in your photography from the initial stage. Therefore as we said in the beginning, Practice and only Practice will get you to the peak.


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