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How to build community with photography

Photography is a unique and awesome place to build relationships. In this profession, you often build relationships with other suppliers, collaborators and vendors. Building a photography community is as important and can be a little daunting. There is competitiveness and more value in building a community of photographers. But it's a fruitful task if done rightly. Building a community will help you gain referrals who are in the same industry and have a conversation over the same topics. But the question remains how to build a photographer's community.

A guide to build a photographer's community

There are various steps you can follow to build a community with your fellow photographers in the city. Especially if you specifically do a certain way of photography. For example child photography or nature photography. Below is a full access guide on how to build a photographer's community.

1. Try to connect

Let the photographers you love know that you want to connect. Telling them is the key. Shoot a little note with words congratulating or praising them to let them know that you like them. Photography unless a group of people consists of a single entity and can be a lonely profession. This will not only help in building a community but also great friends in the city.

2. Invite them for a meet or a virtual coffee

If the first step is taken care of, then you can ask them for a meeting. Maybe in a cafe or something. But most people are hesitant to talk or meet strangers which they haven't met, in which case you can ask them for a virtual coffee. This will allow a conversation and let you know each other a little better.

3. Follow each other on social media

Give photographers you love a shout-out on their social media page and let them know you like their work. Start by following them and posting their stories just to show your admiration.

4. Engage on social media

One of the best ways to support small groups and small businesses is engaging on social media. Social media plays an imperative role in sharing their posts on stories and commenting. Start a conversation and try to uplift each other by praising them about their stuff.

5. Start helping each other

You could be resourceful with each other and give them something that they value maybe. For example, helping allocating resources for each other like vendors and collaborators. This will not only bring a level of professionalism but a good sense of friendship between the community. Let them know that you can be of help to each other as you both share the same craft.

6. Support small photography businesses

An overall heads-up to the community will be a great booster. Try to hire small photographers with you. This will not only help in building a community but gaining a different perspective in your business too. Learn about each other and how they handle their business. This is a great way to support small businesses and help each other grow.

7. Start a newsletter

Start sharing information about things that are helpful to each other. You may start a newsletter and share things or your work.

8. Get enrolled in online communities

You may roll in different online photographer's communities. Whether it is on Facebook or Instagram where other co photographers are sharing things and spending time with each other. This way you can explore new heights and increase helpful discussions you need to grow.

Building a photography community

Creating a photography community is just a matter of fitting in. It's about knowing your fellow professional and creating a space where a good discussion takes place. It's really up to you. Whether it's online or offline, whichever you feel comfortable in. Social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook can help in making this happen. All and all building a professional photographer's community can be helpful to you emotionally, mentally and creatively.


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