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How to make your kid smile during the photoshoot

We have known the meaning of "say cheese" since we were very young. We see a camera and know by default that we have to smile to get an amazing photo. But this is not the case with our little people. Whenever we ask our children to smile, they end up looking scared, confused or funny. Well, there is nothing wrong with the awkward smiles of our little kids. For parents, it's a hilarious and sweet experience. And for kids, they certainly make an amazing #throwback Kodiak moment.

But that's the beauty of genuine grins. The one that is there when nobody is looking at them and they are comfortable in their own space. That's when the best photograph comes. In this article, we will talk about how to make your kids smile consistently during a photoshoot.

When does the baby smile

It may look like your baby is smiling as soon as he comes out into the world. Although it's the most beautiful feeling in the world, these are mere spontaneous responses on their behalf. Babies are prone to smile randomly. Even when they are sleeping. Until a certain age.

  • Your baby will smile randomly at the environmental stimulation at the age of 6 to 10 weeks.

  • Your baby will likely be able to gauge your happiness when he or she is about 4 months old.

  • Your baby may be smiling at you after 4 months.

  • Your baby will be able to smile a lot more after 6 months of age.

You can choose to have the photoshoot whenever you want according to the age.

These are some tips that could use to make your kid comfortable during a photo shoot.

The first thing that you should be well to take care of is that you can't be shy or uncomfortable in baby photography. That is because they will feel your discomfort. The best photographs come when the baby is feeling comfortable and happy.

  • Make funny sounds to your baby. A baby is attracted to new sounds and noise. Make what makes him or her happy.

  • There may be a chance that your baby tries to mimic your actions. In that case, make some actions that are easy to mimic. Like popping your lips.

  • Make funny faces. Since the child is yours, you would know what makes him or her happy. Make those faces which they are most attracted to.

  • Play games. You can play games that your child likes to make them happy. For example, peek-a-boo is a great game to make your baby laugh.

  • You can also try to tickle your baby with a feather. Babies love when they are tickled and that certainly makes them laugh out loud.

  • Play some music. Babies love listening to weird music. They also love dancing to such things. Parents can also dance some silly moves to make their child merrier.

One of these things will work with your child. If none of these work then try new things or try two at a time. You have to just get silly.

Use some props

Use props to make your baby photography more beautiful. Toys or props that would make him or her happy. Try using their favourite toys to make them laugh. But remember that most of the beautiful photos come when there is no smile. So it doesn't matter whether your baby smiles or not. Just try to make him happy and feel comfortable throughout the photoshoot


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