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How To Master The Art Of Photography

Many of us go through that phase. That I want to become a photographer. No this is not a joke. The highly advanced technology in our phones has certainly made this viable for us to say. But have we mastered the art of photography?

Not! What are the first things that we learn about photography? Yes, the rule of thirds. But this is not it. There is a whole lot of composition that goes behind making a photograph look like how it looks.

How To Master The Art Of Photography

In this blog, we will be talking about photography composition and the various other aspects of it that make for the best frame. Learn how to master the art of photography with us.

It's a natural

Now, when we talk about mastering photography, it is both easy and difficult. Easy because it can be learned through practice, determination, and hard work, and difficult because not everyone has it. Photography comes naturally to people. Some people can give all in it yet not be able to click good pictures.

It's like painting. You can't expect a person who doesn't have those artistic fingers to create wonders just by practicing. A good photographer is natural and with learning and hard work, you can become better.

The Art Of Photography

what does it take to perfect your composition?

Know your camera

I know it may sound juvenile but this is the first step towards a perfect frame. Know your camera well. The old cameras were a lot simpler to operate. The cameras nowadays are highly advanced and may need a manual to learn all the operations well.

Keep the manual with you.

There may be a couple of things that may come in your need to get that perfect shot you desire. Start this process from your initial days or your experience is going to be one full of struggles.

Learn exposure

Exposure is nothing but the experience you gain while clicking every single photo. Every photo teaches you something new. When you start clicking photos with your camera you learn about a lot of things from focus, shutter speed, and ISO.

These are some of the basic factors that affect your photograph. This knowledge can be really helpful to you in the longer run. Therefore the more photos you click the more exposure you gain and the better you get at clicking good pictures.

Poor exposure at the initial stage of your learning can result in bad results.

Learn the details

Once you have started getting the exposure you will be in a better state of mind. Therefore it is the time you start learning the rest. Guide yourself through the camera and gain knowledge about what all it can do.

This can range from basic settings to depth range, white balance crop factor, etc. The more you play with your camera the more knowledge you can grasp.

You should start with clicking pictures in different modes because once you become comfortable shooting modes you can directly jump into auto programs.

Educate yourself about the composition

Now that you have mastered your way with the camera, it's time to learn the composition. This is the step that will help you gain immense knowledge and help you change frames and adjustments according to the picture.

Now, this is a step that will take you a notch higher in your process.

It may seem a little difficult when you start but after some education, you will be able to mix and match composition according to your mind.

This single step will bring in a lot of change in your photography skills. And with a little practice, this process will only become smoother.

Take your camera with you

This single most step does not seem very scientific but in theory, it makes a huge difference to your photography skills. When you keep your camera with you always, you start seeing the world through the eyes of a photographer. This is the first step to master the art of photography.

Photography is subjective. You may not know what you might like about going out for a walk. Not only will this train your mind but get you a ton of exposure and you might end up getting the best of your photos.

Join a photographer community

Communities are an amazing way to interact with people with the same passion as yours, people who do the same type of photography as you. You get to learn a lot of things from the photography community.

You can join a community on different social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook as well. You can check different websites wherein you can find people of your passion as well.

Indulge in photography content

Now this is something you might not have expected to be on the list. But it helps. You might be surprised how much you are able to gain if you start writing about something you love.

It will challenge you to take risks and attempt different types of photography.

You can also write your content on Tumblr if you think blogging is not your cup of tea. Or rather just keep a journal wherein you can write about stuff that you like or want to do for your private recreation.

Summing up

These are some of the ways you can master the art of photography. Now when you think of buying a camera and becoming a photographer you know what to do. So what are you waiting for? Go grab that camera and start clicking beautiful pictures. We wish you all the best in your endeavor.

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