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How to photograph a birthday party- Madhu photography

In your career span, full of different kinds of photoshoots, a birthday party is something which is most common and in demand. But with the new age technology and designs, who wants the old traditional birthday parties? Well, we don't. So if you want to rise above the simple ways of capturing a birthday party then this blog is just for you.

In this blog, we will talk about ways and tips on how to photograph a birthday party and also how to avoid any pitfalls.

Birthday Photography

Here's how birthday parties are celebrated regularly. Flashlights on, maybe a red-eye reduction flash. Some photos with the birthday folks blowing out the candle, cutting the cake, and some posed photos later on. This look has been consistent and falls flat eventually. But not to worry about some camera adjustments and we are good to go.

So here are the steps

See the light

So step one would be to change the exposure to light. The goal should be to lighten the overall scenario so it looks more natural and less coal mined.

Adjust the camera settings

The second step would be to change your camera settings to 400 ISO. Any more than this and you may have some unacceptable noise. And for the longer exposure, the captures will come more natural and bright. And remember to hold your camera right.

Some things to take care of

1. Set the camera before the party starts. During the party, you don't want to be worried about the camera settings unless requires. Therefore set the camera beforehand so that you can manage to capture the emotions beautifully. Enjoy the birthday while it lasts and captures some great moments.

2. If you are shooting indoors, be aware of any kind of white balance due to the incandescent lighting. However, it is being changed due to efficiency. Therefore experimenting with the white light balance beforehand will do you good.

3. Similarly if the party is organized outside of the house, you may have to check the white balance depending on the weather, sun clouds, shadows, etc.

4. Shoot more and more candid photos. Birthday parties are supposed to be fun. And poses can make a person feel apprehensive. Therefore if you want to capture the real emotions of the person present, involve more in candid photography.

5. Click a lot of photos of your birthday child with their friends.

6. Photography of the decoration is a must. placing your child in front of the decoration will make for a memorable picture. And if you are having a theme party then you should capture the spirit of the party.

7. Cake smash. Now, who doesn't know about this trend? Whether it's a baby or a grown-up, a cake smash is something that is done at all times. Therefore click as many photos of people smashing cake to the birthday girl or boy. If it's a baby then the process would be done gently obviously, or maybe just a small muffin to devour.

Now that we know about some of the key areas to care about while capturing a birthday party, we can make sure that we make some of the birthdays a great memory. And yes, remember to always have fun while doing it.

About Madhu photography

Photography has always fascinated Madhu since her early years. She found joy in capturing moments, things, people, and nature and decided to make this into a profession. She has learned professional photography from Drishti school of Photography Bangalore. After then, she started getting invested in clicking pictures of children and making memorabilia of the different magical phases of their growth.

She also has a lot of affinity towards capturing nature in different styles and forms. Professionally, she has worked under the banner Strawberry pictures and has clicked photos of infants, kids, and family portraits for a decade. Today she has started a venture of her own and is one of the best photographers we have in Bangalore.


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