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How to photograph a graduation ceremony

Graduation day is a very special day for millions of young dreamers out there. It is a significant event we all love to celebrate with our parents and families. It's the day when we finally get what we stood for so many years. It's time for achievements, ceremonies and not to forget family parties.

Having said that, we all agree that graduation is a day that we all want to cherish forever in our lives. Therefore, memorabilia of beautiful photos is a must. In this blog, we will talk about how to photograph a graduation ceremony.

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The graduation ceremony is a great opportunity for clicking photos as you might get various poses, lighting, angles. Photographers would have to capture every emotion of the students as well as the parents.

Below are some tips for you to use while capturing a graduation ceremony.

  • Try to get as close as possible. This might be a little difficult or easy for a smaller number of people. But chances are you won't be able to get close to college graduation. In this case, you would have to prepare yourself with a long telephoto lens. Try to get a DSLR with a zoom lens up to 200mm to 300 mm.

  • Boost your ISO. Since there will be a lot of commotion and fast-paced photos, you would need to ensure sharp photos. Therefore increase your ISO accordingly.

  • During the event, you would not be able to change your camera settings manually. Therefore set the camera settings beforehand and let the camera do its work.

  • Don't use the on-camera flash too much. Unless it is required by the moment, try not to use it.

  • If you are far away from the person, use the zoom filter to capture important moments of the event. For example, while taking the degree from the principal etc. A good headshot is what you should aim for.

  • Be aware of the white balance. Therefore before the event commencement, you should complete your light settings along with the focus.

  • Play along with the graduates. You may ask them to sing or pose together for a good graduation memory.

  • Close-up images of people are necessary as well as candids.

Well, these were some of the tips that could help you in getting good graduation photography.

About Madhu photography

Photography has always fascinated Madhu since her early years. She found joy in capturing moments, things, people, and nature and decided to make this into a profession. She has learned professional photography from Drishti school of Photography Bangalore. After then, she started getting invested in clicking pictures of children and making memorabilia of the different magical phases of their growth.

She also has a lot of affinity towards capturing nature in different styles and forms. Professionally, she has worked under the banner Strawberry pictures and has clicked photos of infants, kids, and family portraits for a decade. Today she has started a venture of her own and is one of the best photographers we have in Bangalore.


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