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How to pose twins | Madhu NIRANJAN Photography

Newborn photography is quite common these days. Having to photograph your single child is a challenging task. Now imagine having two challenges simultaneously. Haha, just kidding. Kids are very moody and conscious of their surroundings. They get irritated easily with everything. This gets even more daunting when you have two of them casting each other. How to pose them or let them not trouble each other in the process

How to pose twins? This has been a question we needed to answer a while back because of how frequently it has been asked. I have had a lot of opportunities to photograph newborns or twins. So this blog is my experience on how to photograph twins.

Twin photography

Twins share a special bond. They can easily make you fall in love. Since they share a special space, it is imperative to capture their love properly. Twins photography is not as scary as one would think. There are just small things that should be considered like positioning, lighting and where to focus but it's not far from the usual baby photography. Below are the steps to successful twin photography.

1. Lighting - Lighting is not far away from newborn photography. The easiest and most effective way is natural light.

For example, you can keep the twins in a wooden basket or a quilt with soft lighting coming from the windows so that it gives them a natural glow and doesn't wash them. Keep both the babies side to side and photograph them from the above.

You can also do side lighting. This is one of the most common ones. In this case, you should keep the lights in such a manner that they don't cast shadows on the baby but give it a more natural glow.

The thing to be kept in mind while side lighting is the position of the babies. His most preferred position is both of them in their backs. You have to be mindful in a situation when the light is on the baby's back.

Timing of the photoshoot

The timing of the photoshoot is also very important. The issue of timing is the same as that of the newborn. But with two babies in row things can get challenging as they both have to be comfortable with each other, their personalities, time of sleep or feeding.

Plan your photoshoot in times when your twins are the most active, content and well-fed. This makes the photoshoot much easier with a lot less fuss. Try to bring as many things you think are important to keep your babies going for a couple of hours.


The main goal of any photo shoot is to get great pictures. This is why it is very important to make sure that the baby position is attractive and cute. Where it comes to twins, they can have several lovely poses together.

These are some of my ideas.

  • Both the babies swaddled and were captured while looking at each other.

  • Both the babies were kept in a beautiful wooden basket looking above.

  • Individual shots of both the babies in different positions.

  • Both the babies dressed in the same clothes and colour with a beautiful background.

  • Photos of their hands, tummy, feet and eyes look beautiful.

  • Both the babies wrapped differently and put side to side in a bed.

  • One arm over the other. Twins like to get tangled naturally. It makes for a beautiful pose.

  • Lying between the parents or big siblings cuddling them.

  • Both of them lying in opposite directions with their faces towards each other.

  • Father holding the babies in his arms.

  • Mother with both the babies in her lap or facing each other on a bed.

  • If you have a dog then add him or her to the portrait. That's the best thing you can do.


Where to focus on twin photography. If both of them are on the same focal, then you can focus your camera in the eyes. Zoom in to check the babies and click on the best expressions. You can slightly narrow your aperture when taking a close photo.

This was my share of information on how to master twin photography. As I have said before, twins share the most special bond since the beginning. Therefore it becomes imperative to capture their bond in the frame.

About Madhu photography

Photography has always fascinated Madhu since her early years. She found joy in capturing moments, things, people and nature and decided to make this into a profession. She has learned professional photography from Drishti school of Photography Bangalore. After then, she started getting invested in clicking pictures of children and making memorabilia of the different magical phases of their growth.

She also has a lot of affinity towards capturing nature in different styles and forms. Professionally, she has worked under the banner Strawberry pictures and has clicked photos of infants, kids and family portraits for a decade. Today she has started a venture of her own and is one of the best photographers we have in Bangalore.


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