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What is the perfect age for a newborn photoshoot

Nine months of wait, morning sickness and checkups lead to the most beautiful feeling in the world. The one where you hold a tiny bundle of your flesh and blood. And in the whirlwind of having a baby and welcoming that child into the world, nothing else seems right beyond nappies, milk bottles and lack of sleep.

Many parents desire a professional photoshoot with their newborn. But it's hard to execute everything with so much already going on. And not many people know when is the best time to have a photoshoot with a newborn. It's a precious feeling which needs to be cherished for a lifetime. That's why timing is of utmost significance.

Welcome to this world

A baby is someone who can rock your world with just a faint smile. The popularity of newborn photoshoots has risen over the years tenfold. Now more and more families want to hire a professional photographer and click enthralling and timeless captures of their sons and daughters to cherish for a lifetime.

Now the thing with the babies is that the first week goes by with celebrations and sleep deprivation. And in a week they have grown so much.

A guide to newborn photoshoot

We have below for you a quick guide to the perfect age for newborn photography and what type of pictures to expect at different periods.

First fortnight

The perfect age for a newborn baby to have a photoshoot is at least 14 days later. During this period, your baby is new and tiny. Your photographer would advise you to select the dates according to the baby's needs.

For example when the baby is most sleepy or when he needs to be fed. The problem with newborn photoshoots is that the period is very short. You have to make it before the first month because babies grow too fast. If you are by any chance not able to make it to the first 2 months then we suggest you try next in between 12 to 16 weeks.

The time duration between 12 to 16 weeks is very special. This is when your baby starts to respond slightly to its surroundings. This is a good age for the newborn photoshoot as the baby is still tiny but a lot more alert. And the best thing is their smiles. Children tend to smile at random things in this short period.

This is an age when your child can lie on its tummy. That makes him worth capturing. Children develop neck strength at this age, therefore it's better to have your baby photographed at this time.

Age 6 to 8 months

Putting it simply this is a photographer's desired age. The baby is full of energy, responsive and smiling a lot more. Many parents and photographers decide to have a photoshoot at this age. This is a very popular age for a newborn photo shoot and the most common one also.

At this age, a photographer can experiment with various things with the child. You can have them sitting, laying, smiling and many more. Since the child is more responsive at this age, props and toys can also be used frequently. Outdoor sessions are also possible because the baby is now quite immune to the world. And the curiosity in their little eyes to their surroundings make the pictures more beautiful.

Summing up

To sum up this blog we can only say that a parent should only hire a photographer when they are perfectly ready. Also, the timing of the baby should not interfere with their sleep and eating habits. Any age is good for child photography. It's when you and the baby feels most comfortable, pictures come out amazing.


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