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How to click good pictures (for beginners )

The first thing that comes to our mind when we talk about photography is how to click good photos. Remember the last time when someone asked you to click a photo of theirs and you have no idea what to do? Well, we can feel the uneasiness. This usually happens with new photographers because clicking good photos is not as easy as it may seem.

How to click good pictures

Buying a camera and other equipment is an easy task. What comes after is what gets daunting. These days cameras have become super-advanced and may not know how to use them properly. And if you sit doing it alone, then you are in for a long task my friend.

Cameras can be complicated and take time to fully comprehend and start. And if you have, in some or the other way, found your way with the camera then it's the angles, lighting, and composition that may worry you in the longer run.

After all, photography is not just about a man with a camera. So what should be done? Well don't worry, follow these easy steps and understand the concept behind taking good photos so that you can also start mastering it along the way.

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Understand the basics-:

This is not difficult to understand. Start learning with the manual mode. Now you must be thinking why am I asking you to learn manual mode when there is advanced technology. See the thing is old SLRs had only manual mode and people had to learn their way through it. And once you learn this, it becomes much easier for you to fix your spot or composition according to the object.

Learn the composition techniques -:

Once you learn the basic composition techniques like the rule of thirds or reading lines, everything changes for you. The way you look at things and landscapes changes immensely even without a camera.

This knowledge helps you in clicking good photos everywhere. But here's the thing: after you have learned the basics of composition and lights, you may find your process boring at some point in time. That's why to keep things interesting you must also click organic photos without techniques.

Stop the camera flash-:

The one thing that looks the most unflattering in the photos is the on-camera flash. It can flatten the image and make your object look bland.

Natural lighting is the best for a photo. When the light comes from the same place as the lens, the former vanishes completely. Therefore, natural lighting should be the only way you should click your photos.

Zoom in and get closer-:

Instead of using the camera zoom use your body to zoom in and out. Try to look at things from diverse perspectives and angles.

Try to move your feet for finer details and mannerisms. This can only be done when you move your body freely according to the details you want in your picture

Have a clean background -:

We can't stress this enough so listen carefully. Messy backgrounds are a big no-no for a photoshoot. The background is as important as your object and needs to be kept in focus while you go for a photoshoot.

Think about all the times when a "could be great photo" gets messed up because of a cluttered background. Things coming from here and there without explanation can look overwhelming. For example, if you have a beautiful photo of a landscape and there is a branch popping out of nowhere in the frame it will take out the entire attention of the landscape. Such is the power of clean backgrounds.

Try to frame your object-:

Look for a frame to frame your object. This is called frame within a frame. It gives your object a clean view and adds depth to it. Frames in a close shot look beautiful.

Make your white balance right-:

White balance is all about color casting your photos. For example, if you are shooting inside then your objects may appear orange without a flashlight. Mastering the technique of white balance can set you apart.

Too much practice -:

No practice can be too much practice when it comes to photography. If you want good results then you need to work hard and play harder. Learn new skills, techniques, composition, and angles every day.

The best thing about photography is that you get to have fun while doing it. So enjoy the process and learn in between.

Summing up

So these were some of the easiest ways to learn how to click good photos. You start with the basics and then go on breaking your records. Just remember that photography is not something you can learn in a day. It is not a syllabus to complete. Therefore give yourself time to learn the requirements and enjoy the process.

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