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Photography equipment list and prices | Madhu photography

Every photographer, be it a beginner or professional, is aware that photography is an expensive profession. Having a good camera is not enough; there is always more to it. Even a primary DSLR camera will cost you around a couple of thousand. Yet, photography is the need and wants in current times. Time has passed, wherein photography was just a hobby and not a passion converted into a lifetime career. Photography has emerged as more than just a hobby among many youths in current times.

Photography equipment

Some myths tell us that photography pieces of equipment are overrated and are not required. Some types of equipment are indeed overrated, but as a photographer, you should know that your photography is incomplete without some essential elements that the equipment can fulfill.

Buying a camera is the start of the big equation, but as you grow deep inside it professionally, you will understand all accessories you need. Every good photographer must be clever and creative enough to make such decisions in their photography career to sustain a long time ahead.

Essential photography equipment list and prices

1. Prime Lenses

It is not something new as camera lenses are the first thing every photographer will run behind. However, most cameras are now equipped with basic lenses. Still, if you prefer to update your photography, it is mandatory to opt for an adjustable focal length lens.

No two lenses are similar. While purchasing, you should keep in mind the critical lens’s shape, size, and price. A wide-angle lens like the Canon EF-S 24mm will cost you around Rs. 10,999/-.

2. Tripod

A not-so-expensive tripod is worth purchase for every professional photographer. Tripod makes long exposures and ISOs convenient to handle without the risk of the picture becoming a blur. It also enables you to perform bracket shots and HDR experimentation.

In the end, it depends on your potential and strength on what type of tripod you will require. A basic Manfrotto MT055XPRO3 055, which weighs around 5 pounds, will cost you around Rs. 16,999/-.

3. Speed-Lite

Speed-Lite is the most helpful accessory a photographer can have. It is the most convenient way to illuminate a photographic scene aesthetically quickly. When synced to the camera’s shutter, it provides powerful lights for a fraction of seconds.

The Canon Speed-lite 430EX II Flash costs around Rs. 12,999 to Rs. 16,999/- is the all-in-one speed-lite that you may need. Besides all its features, it is so andy that you can easily carry it in your camera bag.

4. Hard Drive

An external hard drive is a type of insurance for all photographers. You may not find it beneficial at the moment but having a bunch of images in your hard drive is always a safe option. You never know what you may need at what time.

While purchasing a hard drive, you should consider its aspects according to the amount of storage you need. A Samsung T5 500GB drive is an all-in-one hard drive that gives you tons of specifications within the cost of Rs. 6,999/- only.

5. Memory cards

A digital photographer is of no use if they do not contain a decent set of memory cards. All the advanced cameras nowadays provide you a slot for a memory card or a small SD card.

Besides, memory cards are affordable, and prices are negligible compared to other camera equipment. You can get it in any electrical or mobile store. You can get a memory card for your camera anywhere between the range of Rs. 1000/- to Rs. 2000/-.

6. Reflector

Like the speed-lights, reflectors are used to add lights to your photograph by beginners and photographers. The work of the reflector is to redirect the existing light and give the picture a natural look.

Photographers should be ready to capture photographs whenever it comes to cultivating an expression through images. For this, the reflector is the best tool a photographer can have. A primary reflector will cost you around Rs. 999/-.

7. Polarizing and ND filters

A polarizing filter is seen in front of the camera lenses, which exposes formal compositional elements. It is advantageous, especially during the daytime shoots, as it balances the amount of light.

In addition, the absorbing component of polarizing and the ND filters help in automatically bringing the colors and other details that may be a tedious job to find in the camera settings. You can get a primary polarizing filter from Amazon for Rs. 699/-.

8. Camera bag/Carrying gear

You will need a backpack to carry the essential equipment needed. Depending on your needs and the number of tools you move, it is preferable to have a carrying bag.

It should have the features like fragility, protection, convenience, and be handy enough so that you carry it without any trouble. Of course, the price of a backpack depends upon the size of your need. Still, an average-size camera bag will cost you around Rs. 999/-.

9. Cleaning kit

Keeping your lenses clean is the essential most thing that every photographer needs to understand. The camera that you use gets prone to dust and other articles very soon. Even a tiny particle can ruin your photograph.

Apart from the dust, we all know what prints our fingerprints can leave on the camera. Therefore, your cleaning kit must contain an air blaster, lens pen, and lens cleansing wipes for basic cleaning of the lens.

10. Camera Straps

Camera straps are handy to provide a safe and comfortable way to carry a camera of your own. There is a large variety to pick from in-camera straps. Some are affordable, whereas the fashionable ones are relatively expensive.

Having a camera strap will complete all your lists of photography tools. If you are looking for comfort, then the padded straps are very comfortable for extended use. A good camera strap will cost you around Rs. 199/- to Rs. 699/-.

Photography equipment list and prices
Photography equipment list and prices

Hence, the above where the top 10 essential photography tools every photographer must-have. However, before purchasing all of the above in one go, start with basics and one by one experiment with other devices. By this, you will understand what suits you the most. Accordingly, you will be smart enough to know what is your next purchase going to be.

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